Hands Up Interpreting and Consulting, LLC

Here at Hands Up Interpreting and Consulting, we offer both in-person and virtual sign language interpreting services to facilities serving deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals all over Texas, as well as sign language classes for any size group or company. We also provide consulting services for families of d/Deaf and hard-of-hearing children, as well as advocacy and referrals for d/Deaf and hard-of-hearing adults.

Unsure of how your business can better serve this population? We provide ADA consultation to ensure your company can provide effective communication and is in compliance with this important law.

Hands Up Interpreting and Consulting, LLC

Here at Hands Up Interpreting and Consulting, we offer sign language interpreting services to facilities serving deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals. Even more, we offer sign language classes for any size group or company as well as private lessons.

We will soon be offering consulting services for families of deaf and hard-of-hearing children, as well as advocacy and referrals for deaf and hard-of-hearing adults. 

We are proud to serve our clients all over Texas as their preferred sign language interpreter agency! We provide services that satisfy ADA requirements for your business. We work in a variety of settings, such as medical, mental health, education, legal, religious, and more! Our interpreters are all nationally or state-certified. We are confident you will be satisfied with our work.

We work with hospitals, audiologists, and school districts to provide information, resources, and referrals to families with deaf or hard-of-hearing children. Oftentimes parents of these newborn children are unable to make informed decisions and may even feel inadequate in raising their child. Our consultants work to provide your family with the information you desire so you feel at ease making decisions.

If you’re unsure how your business can satisfy ADA requirements, please give us a call. We offer ADA consulting to ensure that d/Deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals will feel confident that your business is “Deaf-friendly” and will want to frequent your company and utilize your services.

We’re proud to offer classes, workshops, and tutoring for American Sign Language (ASL). Whether you want to learn the basics or are planning on becoming an interpreter, we’ve got your back. We provide in-person and online classes. Here are some examples of what we’ve offered or are planning to offer:

  • ASL in the Workplace
  • Beginner ASL
  • ASL at Home (for families of deaf and hard-of-hearing children)
  • Intermediate ASL
  • ASL for Classroom Management
  • Religious Signing

Meet The Founder

Breanna Dane


Breanna has a Master's degree in American Sign Language Interpreting as well as a BEI Basic.

My name is Breanna Dane, and I am from San Angelo, Texas. I started learning sign language in high school but became oriented in the Deaf community in 2015. Around this time, I met an amazing interpreter who agreed to be my mentor, and I decided to change my college major to ASL/English Interpreting.

I attended Valdosta State University, where I completed my Bachelor’s in ASL/English Interpreting online in 2018. Before graduating, I worked as a pre-certified interpreter, observed my mentor in pre-approved work environments, and passed the BEI Test of English Proficiency (TEP). After graduation, I passed the BEI Basic Performance Exam and became a certified interpreter in the state of Texas.

I am the owner and interpreter here at Hands Up Interpreting and Consulting, LLC. We contract with various sized companies all over Texas to provide quality interpreting services. My company also offers community ASL classes, an annual ASL camp, and partners with Howard College San Angelo to provide Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for ASL classes.

I have hosted workshops, taught community ASL classes, and interpreted in various settings, including educational (K-12 and postsecondary), religion, mental health, paralegal, healthcare, and community.

I graduated with my Master’s in ASL/English Interpreting from the University of North Florida on May 5, 2023, and have passed the CASLI knowledge exam; waiting to take the new National Interpreter Certification (NIC) exam to become nationally certified.

Sarah Sedlacek

ASL Teacher

Sarah holds a Bachelor's of Applied Arts and Science degree in Practical Theology from Howard Payne University, an Associate of Applied Science degree in Sign Language Interpretation from South West Collegiate Institute for the Deaf, and is a state certified teacher. She has been a teacher since 2014 and has been involved with the Deaf community since 2008.

Gina Watson

ASL Interpreter

Gina is a Level III BEI certified interpreter.

Simuka Dittmer

ASL Interpreter and Teacher

Simuka is currently working on her Master's Degree at the University of North Florida in the Educational Interpretation Concentration Program. She is located in Oklahoma.

Selina Vargas

ASL Interpreter


What is ASL?

ASL stands for American Sign Language. It is a visual-spatial and gestural language which uses body, mouth, and eye movements in addition to signs to create thoughts. ASL is very different than English, as it has its own structure, syntax, and grammar.

Why choose us?

We offer extensive services to our clients and care for them, whether they are hearing or deaf. We want to make your experience as wonderful and personalized as we can. We want every company to feel confident in our services and abilities.

To find out more about what we can offer you, give us a call at (325)450-5090, email us at aslhandsup@gmail.com, or request an interpreter, consultation, or more information under the ‘Request‘ tab.

P.O. Box 1173 Conroe TX 77301

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